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Please take just 5 minutes in order to help us develop our search directory which promotes LOCAL businesses to BOTH residents & visitors along The Grand Strand.   9th Street Media has created GrandStrandsBest.com as a labor of love & as a way to introduce our growing business to our surrounding community.

We did NOT create this directory for the purposes of monetizing subscriptions or selling advertising although doing so will become necessary down the road in order to continually maintain & promote it. Once our site gains traction we will convert to a free basic listing format w/ pay for play on upgrades for businesses that did not sign up during our pre-launch.

Hard Launch is scheduled for late Spring 2020. We will be doing press releases, targeted social media, and co-sponsored “offline” advertising campaigns to drive new businesses to create listings and new consumers to use this platform for Grand Strand Area searches. We will be adding more color, more images, more videos, more news articles/announcements, & more content to the site as we get closer to launch.

Please choose your Parent Category. As new listings come in we will add the sub-categories & then move your listing to the new sub-category. Example: The first roofer to register would choose “Contractors” as their category for now. After the first roofer registers our admin will create a Roofer sub-category under the “Contractors & Home Services” category within the search menu.

Also, you will see a box that says, “tags or keywords” please take a few extra seconds to fill that in with any product or search term that a customer might type in if they were looking to find a product or service that you offer.  This populates the search box so that you get found based on what you offer, just like a google search!

Don’t forget to explore & take advantage of the “Deals & Offers” feature!  Our fist listing, Art’s Tsunami Falls Carwash in Little River already has its landing page here on GrandStrandsBest.com showing up on the first page of Google.  Any consumer who clicks on their listing can see & claim their offer TODAY!

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